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Fire Island Hosta
Our Price: $48.50

Fire Island Hosta is a 74" by 74" quilt.  The quilt on the cover was made out of Hoffman Fabrics. This quilt was designed by Judy & Bradley Niemeyer.  The pattern includes all the foundation papers and a full set of instructions to make the quilt shown on the cover.  Yardage information to select your own colorway is included as well.
Summer Solstice Replacement Papers
Our Price: $18.00

This pattern option includes enough foundation papers to complete one Summer Solstice.
Arizona Cactus Replacement Papers
Our Price: $16.00

This pattern option includes enough foundation papers to complete two Arizona Cactus Table Toppers.
Celtic Sunrise
Our Price: $60.50

The Celtic Sunrise is a remake of the Celtic Wave in a queen size design. However, we have updated the Queen Size Pattern to include a full set of Queen instructions, instead of purchasing the smaller pattern, then a Queen size Expansion set. This quilt was made using the most recent line of Anthology Batiks (released for Spring 2014) and kitting information is available for this exact colorway. This quilt was made by Peddler’s Way Quilt Company, a Certified Shop from Washington, Illinois. A stunning color palette of pinks and teals against deep midnight blues, reminds us of a sunrise. We hope you will love this version as much as we do!
Vintage Compass Replacement Papers
Our Price: $14.00

This pattern option includes enough foundation papers to complete an additional Vintage Compass if you already have the instructions.
Lumina Feathered Star
Our Price: $81.50

Flowers for My Wedding Ring
Our Price: $107.00

Bali Wedding Star 2014
Our Price: $79.50

The Wedding Star pattern was designed for foundation paper piecing back in 1996 by Bradley and Judy Niemeyer. A few years ago Judy started teaching her students a new technique using strip piecing to complete the foundation piecing on the arcs. We also redesigned the stars with floating points. This last year, in the process of redrafting the stars, we decided to add Template Layout Sheets to speed up the cutting process for the stars and background pieces. Those of you who have worked with the old Wedding Star pattern (copyright Sept. 1997) will find these new upgrades to the Bali Wedding Star pattern very pleasant.
Cactus Rose 2013
Our Price: $48.50

The Cactus Rose, 2013 was designed by Brad and Judy Niemeyer as a redesign of the original Cactus Rose pattern published in 2006. The updated pattern includes Template Layout Sheets to help keep the project better organized and speed up the cutting process. It also included some minor re-drafting of a couple of the units to allow for floating points. The color layout for the quilt on the coversheet is based on the use of the Hoffman Fabrics of California 1895 Collection.
Princess Tiara Extra Foundation Papers
Our Price: $12.00

  • Original Patterns: 55" x 68" (4 Rings by 5 Rings) - 1 Package

68" x 68" (5 Rings by 5 Rings) - 1 Package

  • Wall Quilt: 68" x 80" (5 Rings by 6 Rings) - 2 Packages

80" x 80" (5 Rings by 7 Rings) - 2 Packages

  • Twin Size: 68" x 92" (5 Rings by 7 Rings) - 2 Packages
  • Queen Size: 92" x 92" (7 Rings by 7 Rings) - 3 Packages
  • Queen/King Size: 104" x 104" (8 Rings by 8 Rings) - 4 Packages
  • King Size: 116" x 116" (9 Rings by 9 Rings) - 5 Packages
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