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CGRWAVE   12" Wave Ruler
RTY1   28mm Small Rotary Cutter
RTY2   45mm Medium Rotary Cutter
RTY3   60mm Rotary Cutter
SL01   Abigail's Purse Pattern
DQD10011453   AC Border 1
DQD10011454   AC Border 2
DQD10011445   AC Side Feather
CM18   Add-A-Quarter 18 in Ruler
CM18Cut   Add-A-Quarter 18 inch Cut Ruler
CM6   Add-A-Quarter 6 in Ruler
CM12   Add-A-Quarter Ruler 12 in Ruler
DQD0021511470   AF Feather 1
DQD0021511471   AF Feather 2
JNQ00215P3   African Violets
DQD0021511467   African Violets Quilting Pattern
JNQ00215R3   African Violets Replacement Papers
JNQ68P   Agave Garden Pattern
CMD12   All Stacked Up
JNQ127P   Allisyn's Wedding Ring
JNQ196P4   Allisyn's Wondered Land
DQD19611554   Allisyn's Wondered Land Quilting Pattern
JNQ196R4   Allisyn's Wondered Land Replacement Papers
CJNQ011P   Always Chasing Rainbows
CJNQ011PE   Always Chasing Rainbows Pattern and Queen Extension
CJNQ011PEB   Always Chasing Rainbows Pattern, Queen Extension and Book
CJNQ011E   Always Chasing Rainbows Queen
JNQ66P   Amazon Star
DQD6611139   Amazon Star Quilting Pattern
JNQ66R   Amazon Star Replacement Papers
CMD58   America Reclaimed
JNQ00252P6   Amethyst
JNQ00252R6   Amethyst Replacement Papers
SL02   Amy Lou's Purse Pattern
DQD0023711645   AP Background 1
DQD0023711646   AP Background 2
DQD0023711668   AP Background 3
DQD0023711669   AP Background 4
DQD0023711647   AP Border 1
DQD0023711648   AP Border 2
DQD0023711639   AP Center Star Part 1
DQD0023711640   AP Center Star Part 2
DQD0023711641   AP Center Star Part 3
DQD0023711642   AP Center Star Part 4
DQD0023711643   AP Center Star Part 5
DQD0023711644   AP Center Star Part 6
DQD12711035   Arc Berry and Leaves
JNQ100P   Arizona Cactus
DQD10011444   Arizona Cactus Quilting Pattern
JNQ100E   Arizona Cactus Replacement Papers
JNQ34P   Arrowhead Crossing Basic Pattern
DQD6611160   AS Center Feathers
DQD6611159   AS Center Star
DQD6611165   AS Diamond
DQD6611161   AS Large Star Feather
DQD6611167   AS Spikes Feather Package
DQD6611162   AS Star Point Feather 1
DQD6611163   AS Star Point Feather 2
DQD6611164   AS Star Point Feather 3
DQD6611168   AS Star Point Feather 4
DQ6611166   AS Triangle
JNQ00237P1   Autumn Pines
DQD0023711625   Autumn Pines Quilting Pattern
JNQ00237R1   Autumn Pines Replacement Papers
CMD23   Autumn Reflections
DQD19611587   AWL Border Center
DQD19611588   AWL Border Corner
DQD19611584   AWL Curved Triangle Feather
DQD19611582   AWL Petal Feather Large
DQD19611583   AWL Petal Feather Small
DQD19611585   AWL Ribbon Border Left
DQD19611586   AWL Ribbon Border Right
DQD19611580   AWL Slender Center Feather
DQD19611581   AWL Star Feather
JNQ140P2   Baby Bella
JNQ140R2   Baby Bella Replacement Papers
CMD22   Balancing Act
JNQ85P   Bali Bed Runner
JNQ85E   Bali Bed Runner Replacement Papers
JNQ94P   Bali Fever Basic Pattern
JNQ94E   Bali Fever Extra Foundation
DQD9411022   Bali Fever Quilting Pattern
JNQ136P   Bali Wedding Star
JNQ70E   Bali Wedding Star Extra Foundations
DQD13611168   Bali Wedding Star Quilting Pattern
JNQ136R   Bali Wedding Star Replacement Papers
JNQ178P   Ballroom Dance
JNQ178E   Ballroom Dance Replacement Papers
BIB1402   Batiks in Bloom ~ Cosmos #1402
BIB1401   Batiks in Bloom ~ Geranium #1401
BIB1403   Batiks in Bloom ~ Iris #1403
BIB1405   Batiks in Bloom ~ Ivy Vine #1405
BIB1404   Batiks in Bloom ~ Oriental Lily #1404
JNQ2217DIA000   Blank Diamond
bldarkgreen51x60   Blooming Lily - Dark - Green - 51" x 60"
bldarkgreen81x104   Blooming Lily - Dark - Green - 81" x 104"
bldarkpink51x60   Blooming Lily - Dark - Pink - 51" x 60"
bldarkpink81x104   Blooming Lily - Dark - Pink - 81" x 104"
bllightgreen51x60   Blooming Lily - Light - Green - 51" x 60"
bllightgreen81x104   Blooming Lily - Light - Green - 81" x 104"
bllightpink51x60   Blooming Lily - Light - Pink - 51" x 60"
bllightpink81x104   Blooming Lily - Light - Pink - 81" x 104"
JNQ00252P5   Blue Lagoon
JNQ00252R5   Blue Lagoon Replacement Papers
DQD10811056   Border Center Feather
DQD11621110   Border Corner Feather
DQD12711039   Border Corner Flower
DQD10811057   Border End Feather
DQD12911089   Border Feather
DQD11621107   Border Feather 1
DQD11621108   Border Feather 2
DQD12711038   Border Flower
DQD9711046   Border Piece
DQD10411020   Bowtie Feather
DQD11621109   Bowtie Feather
CMD20   Boxed In
JNQ171P   Braided Table Runner
CJNQ014P   Breaking Dawn
JNQ00214P1   Broken Daisy Placemats
JNQ00214R1   Broken Daisy Placemats Replacement Papers
JNQ151P   Butterfly Barnyard Baby Blanket
JNQ151E   Butterfly Barnyard Replacement Papers
JNQ196P2   Butterfly Garden
JNQ196R2   Butterfly Garden Replacement Papers
DQD13611120   BWS Center Feather
DQD13611121   BWS Melon Feather
CJNQ008P   Cabin Comforts
JNQ101P   Cabin Fever
JNQ101E   Cabin Fever Extra Foundations
DQD10111589   Cabin Fever Quilting Pattern
CactusFlowerEMBDD   Cactus Flower Embroidery Pattern - Digital Download
DQD9811429   Cactus Flower Table Runner Quilting Pattern
JNQ98P   Cactus Flower Tablerunner
JNQ98E   Cactus Flower Tablerunner Extra Foundations
JNQ115P   Cactus Rose 2013
JNQ00256P1   Cactus Rose 2019
JNQ00256R1   Cactus Rose 2019 Replacement Papers
JNQ40P   Cactus Rose Basic Pattern
JNQ00256E1   Cactus Rose Queen Expansion Package
CJNQ003P   Canadiana
JNQ80P   Cappuccino - A Party for 4
JNQ80E   Cappuccino - A Party for 4 Extra Foundations
JNQ116P   Captain's Wheel
DQD11621105   Captain's Wheel - Border Only
DQD11611106   Captain's Wheel - Star Only
DQD11621104   Captain's Wheel - Vicki Ibison
JNQ116K   Captain's Wheel King Size Extra Foundation Papers
JNQ116Q   Captain's Wheel Queen Size Extra Foundation Papers
JNQ00222P3   Caribbean Starfish
JNQ00222r3   Caribbean Starfish Replacement Papers
SL03   Carolyn's Purse Pattern
JNQ00242P1   Cattails in the Meadow 2018
JNQ00242R1   Cattails in the Meadow 2018 Replacement Papers
DQD15321132   CCTS Feather 1
DQD15321133   CCTS Feather 2
DQD15321134   CCTS Feather 3
DQD15321135   CCTS Feather 4
DQD15321138   CCTS Flame
DQD15321137   CCTS Geese Feather
DQD15321136   CCTS Star Squiggles
CJNQ013P   Celestial Flight
JNQ193P1   Celestial Snowfall
DQD19311415   Celestial Snowfall Quilting Pattern
JNQ193R1   Celestial Snowfall Replacement Papers
JNQ142P   Celtic Sunrise
JNQ142E   Celtic Sunrise Replacement Papers
JNQ81P   Celtic Wave Basic Pattern
JNQ81E   Celtic Wave Queen Size Extra Foundations
DQD10811059   Cener Star Flame
DQD8711100   Center Border Piece
DQD10611015   Center Circle
DQD12711034   Center Feather
DQD9611010   Center Feather
DQD10611001   Center Feathered Crown
DQD12711037   Center Flower
DQD8711093   Center Outside Flower
DQD10911081   Center Quarter Feather
DQD10611002   Center Scrolls
DQD8711092   Center Star
DQD10711076   Center Star Feather 1 & 2
DQD10611004   Center Star Full Circle
DQD10611003   Center Star Scrolls
DQD10711064   Center Star Spikes & Small Triangle
CDCI01   Certified Instructor Circle Decal
CIDO   Certified Instructor Deposit Only
CIFP   Certified Instructor Full Payment
RDCI01   Certified Instructor Rectangle Decal
CDCS01   Certified Shop Circle Decal
CSDO   Certified Shop Deposit Only
CSFP   Certified Shop Full Payment
RDCS01   Certified Shop Rectangle Decal
DQD10111591   CF Bowtie Feather
DQD10111592   CF Flames
DQD10111590   CF Quarter Feather
DQD9811441   CFTR Background Spikes
DQD9811443   CFTR Center Spikes
DQD9811442   CFTR Quarter Circle
DQD9811440   CFTR Triangle
JNQ6X6002   Charm Elements #10 - Large Star
JNQ6X6001   Charm Elements #11 - Cactus Flower

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