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JNQ81E   Celtic Wave Queen Size Extra Foundations
DQD10811059   Cener Star Flame
DQD8711100   Center Border Piece
DQD10611015   Center Circle
DQD12711034   Center Feather
DQD9611010   Center Feather
DQD10611001   Center Feathered Crown
DQD12711037   Center Flower
DQD8711093   Center Outside Flower
DQD10911081   Center Quarter Feather
DQD10611002   Center Scrolls
DQD8711092   Center Star
DQD10711076   Center Star Feather 1 & 2
DQD10611004   Center Star Full Circle
DQD10611003   Center Star Scrolls
DQD10711064   Center Star Spikes & Small Triangle
CDCI01   Certified Instructor Circle Decal
CIDO   Certified Instructor Deposit Only
CIFP   Certified Instructor Full Payment
RDCI01   Certified Instructor Rectangle Decal
CDCS01   Certified Shop Circle Decal
CSDO   Certified Shop Deposit Only
CSFP   Certified Shop Full Payment
RDCS01   Certified Shop Rectangle Decal
DQD10111591   CF Bowtie Feather
DQD10111592   CF Flames
DQD10111590   CF Quarter Feather
DQD9811441   CFTR Background Spikes
DQD9811443   CFTR Center Spikes
DQD9811442   CFTR Quarter Circle
DQD9811440   CFTR Triangle
JNQ119P   Charm Elements #01
JNQ132P   Charm Elements #02
JNQ144P   Charm Elements #03
JNQ145P   Charm Elements #04
JNQ146P   Charm Elements #05
JNQ147P   Charm Elements #06
JNQ148P   Charm Elements #07
JNQ158P   Charm Elements #09: Small Stars
JNQ6X6002   Charm Elements #10 - Large Star
JNQ6X6001   Charm Elements #11 - Cactus Flower
JNQ6X6004   Charm Elements #12 - Cactus Flower Blossom
JNQ194P   Charm Elements #14: The Hexi 8" Block
JNQ00228P1   Charm Elements #15 - Fractured Paint Box
JNQ00227P1   Charm Elements #16 - Log Cabin
JNQ00230P1   Charm Elements #17 - Willow Block
JNQ6X6012   Charm Elements #18 - Circling Goose (Left)
JNQ6X6017   Charm Elements #19 - Diagonal Double Border Block
JNQ00229P1   Charm Elements #20 - New York Beauty Block
JNQ6WAVE001   Charm Elements #21 - Wavy Goose
JNQ6WAVE003   Charm Elements #22 - Wavy Spike
JNQ8WAVE006   Charm Elements #23 - Wavy Stars
JNQ10WAVE007   Charm Elements #24 - Wavy Square
JNQ12WAVE003   Charm Elements #25 - Wavy Spike
JNQ12WAVE004   Charm Elements #26 - Wavy Sunrise
JNQ00250P1   Chinese Lattice
JNQ00250R1   Chinese Lattice Replacement Papers
CMD29   Chinook Winds
JNQ00273P2   Christmas Cactus
JNQ00273R2   Christmas Cactus Replacement Papers
JNQ153P   Christmas Celebration Tree Skirt
DQD15321131   Christmas Celebration Tree Skirt Quilting Pattern
JNQ61E   Christmas Celebration Tree Skirt Replacement Papers -
JNQ193C002   Circling Snow Geese Border
CJNQ007P   Circling the Sun
JNQ203P   Clamshell
TSQCLAM01   Clamshell
JNQ203E   Clamshell Queen Expansion Package
DQD20311446   Clamshell Quilting Pattern
JNQ203R   Clamshell Replacement Papers
JNQ00242D008-WS   Cogs and Blocks Queen
CMD33   Color Boxes
JNQ00241P1   Color Spectrum
JNQD00241P1   Color Spectrum Downloadable Pattern
JNQ00241R1   Color Spectrum Replacement Papers
JNQ193A003   Compass Center Star
JNQ114E   Compass Rose Table Runner Extra Foundations
DQD11411410   Compass Rose Table Runner Quilting Pattern
JNQ114P   Compass Rose Table Runners
JNQ104P   Confetti
DQD10411016   Confetti Quilting Pattern
JNQ00222P1   Congo Star
DQD0022211553   Congo Star Quilting Pattern
JNQ00222R1   Congo Star Replacement Papers
CJNQ006P   Constellation
TSQCR04   Coral Reef Queen in Paprika Mini
JNQ00274DQD001Q   Coral Reef Queen Quilting Pattern
JNQ00274DQD002Q   Coral Reef Queen Quilting Pattern
CoralReefTeardropsEMBDD   Coral Reef Teardrops Machine Embroidery - Digital Download
JNQ00274DQD001W   Coral Reef Wall Quilting Pattern
JNQ00274DQD002W   Coral Reef Wall Quilting Pattern
DQD8711099   Corner Border Piece
DQD10811050   Corner Center Feather
DQD11621111   Corner Feather
DQD9411024   Corner Feather
DQD10811051   Corner Feather Left
DQD10811052   Corner Feather Right
DQD10811061   Corner Spike Flame
JNQ00268P10   Cosmic Shimmer
JNQ00268R10   Cosmic Shimmer Replacement Papers
JNQ00252P7   Cosmos
JNQ125P   Cotton Candy Sawtooth Wedding Ring
JNQ165P   Country Picnic
JNQ00269P9   Courtyard Fountain Mixer Queen Introduction
JNQ00269P10   Courtyard Fountain Mixer Wall Hanging Introduction
JNQ00269P8   Courtyard Fountain Mixer Wall Quilt Introduction
JNQ92P   Coxcomb Pattern
CJNQ031P   Cozy Cabin Comforts
CGRT60   Creative Grids 60 Degree Triangle 8-1/2in
CGRDIA   Creative Grids Diamond Wedding Ring 6pcs
CGRDWR   Creative Grids Wedding Ring Templates
JNQ00268P7   Crimson Poppy
JNQ00268R7   Crimson Poppy Replacement Papers
DQD12911088   Crosshatch Feather
DQD11411412   CRTR Background
DQD11411414   CRTR Border Flower
DQD11411413   CRTR Border Rope
DQD11411411   CRTR Star
DQD19311419   CS Border 1
DQD20311451   CS Border 1
DQD19311420   CS Border 2
DQD20311452   CS Border 2
DQD0022211559   CS Border Feather 1
DQD0022211560   CS Border Feather 2
DQD0022211561   CS Border Feather 3
DQD0022211562   CS Border Feather 4
DQD20311450   CS Bottom Fan
DQD19311416   CS Center Star 1
DQD19311417   CS Center Star 2
DQD0022211556   CS Diamond Feather
DQD0022211563   CS Geese
DQD0022211555   CS Large Center Feather
DQD20311449   CS Large Fan
DQD0022211558   CS Large Triangle Feather
DQD19311418   CS Ribbon
DQD20311448   CS Ribbon
DQD0022211557   CS Small Triangle Feather
DQD20311447   CS Top Fan
JNQ00263BRL   Curved Diamond Cutting and Trimming Ruler
CLPQLT004CE   Cut Loose Press ~ Desert Sunset Pillow Set and Charm Elements Packs #6 & #7
CLPQLT007CE   Cut Loose Press ~ Harvest Dawn and Charm Elements Packs #3, #4 & #5
CLPQLT006CE   Cut Loose Press ~ Haystacks and Charm Elements Pack #3
CLPSLU002CE   Cut Loose Press ~ Scattered Leaves Wall Hanging and Four: Leaf Series
CLPQLT005CE   Cut Loose Press ~ Solar Eclipse and Charm Elements Pack #6 & #7
CLPSLU001CE   Cut Loose Press ~ Star Gazers Cross Body Bag and Charm Elements Pack #5
CLPSLU001CEWS   Cut Loose Press ~ Star Gazers Cross Body Bag and Charm Elements Pack #5
CLPQLT011CE   Cut Loose Press Candy Cane Cabin and Charm Elements Pack #16
CLPQLT015CE   Cut Loose Press Clockworx and Charm Elements Pack #20
CLPQLT003CE   Cut Loose Press Farmhouse Window Table Runner and Charm Elements Pack #1
CLPQLT002CE   Cut Loose Press Geese in Flight Placemats and Charm Elements Pack #2
CLPQLT012CE   Cut Loose Press Labyrinth and Charm Elements Pack #19
CLPCMC004CE   Cut Loose Press Northern Star and Charm Elements Pack #14
CLPQLT010CE   Cut Loose Press Quiltworx Stained Glass Window and Charm Elements Pack #15
CLPQLT013CE   Cut Loose Press Waterwheel and Charm Elements Pack #18 and #19
CLPQLT014CE   Cut Loose Press Wicker Basket and Charm Elements Pack #17
JNQ00274DQD001D001   D Units
JNQ00274DQD002D002   D Units
JNQ00224P2   Daggered Medallion
JNQ00224R2   Daggered Medallion Replacement Papers
JNQ00214P3   Dahlia Placemats
JNQ00214R3   Dahlia Placemats Replacement Papers
JNQ56P   Dancing Batiks Basic Pattern
DQD0021721503   DC Center
DQD0021721573   DC Large Feather
DQD0021721574   DC Long Feather
DQD0021721579   DC Small Diamond
DQD0021721575   DC Swirls Set
DQD0021721576   DC Triangle Feather
DQD0021721577   DC Vines Set 1
DQD0021721578   DC Vines Set 2
MM8217   Deluxe Corner Trimmer and Hand Piecing Aid
JNQ69P   Desert Sky
JNQ69E   Desert Sky Extra Papers
DQD6911404   Desert Sky Quilting Pattern
DQD9711043   Diamond Feather
JNQ183P   Diamond Wedding Ring 2015
JNQ183E   Diamond Wedding Ring 2015 Replacement Papers
DWRPATTERNANDRULER   Diamond Wedding Ring Pattern and Creative Grids Ruler Package
DQD18311273   Diamond Wedding Ring Quilting Pattern
JNQ00238P1   Diamond Wedding Star
DQD0023811626   Diamond Wedding Star Quilting Pattern
JNQ00238R1   Diamond Wedding Star Replacement Papers
JNQ00252P2   Diamonds in Bloom
JNQ00252P2-WS   Diamonds in Bloom
JNQ00252R2   Diamonds in Bloom Replacement Papers
JNQ88E   Dining with the Stars Extra Foundations
JNQ88P   Dining with the Stars Table Runner
DQD0025911695   Dinner Plate Dahlia Center Quilting Pattern
DQD0025921723   Dinner Plate Dahlia Center Quilting Pattern
DinnerPlateDahliaDotsCD   Dinner Plate Dahlia Dots Embroidery Pattern - CD
DinnerPlateDahliaDotsDD   Dinner Plate Dahlia Dots Embroidery Pattern - Digital Download
DQD0026011697   Dinner Plate Dahlia Queen Border Quilting Pattern
DQD0026021725   Dinner Plate Dahlia Queen Border Quilting Pattern
DQD0026011671   Dinner Plate Dahlia Queen Quilting Pattern
DQD0026021673   Dinner Plate Dahlia Queen Quilting Pattern
DQD0025911696   Dinner Plate Dahlia Wall Border Quilting Pattern
DQD0025921724   Dinner Plate Dahlia Wall Border Quilting Pattern
DQD0025911670   Dinner Plate Dahlia Wall Quilting Pattern
DQD0025921672   Dinner Plate Dahlia Wall Quilting Pattern
JNQ00215P2   Dogwood

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