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JNQ196C000   JNQ196C000 Sunrise Blank Border
JNQ196C001   JNQ196C001 Radiant Waves Border
JNQ196C002   JNQ196C002 Sunrise Radiant Border
JNQ196C003   JNQ196C003 Radiant Chevron Border
JNQ196C005   JNQ196C005 Sunrise NYB Border
JNQ196C009   JNQ196C009 Bamboo Frame 80" Border
JNQ2217DIA000   JNQ2217DIA000 Blank Diamond
JNQ2217DIA002   JNQ2217DIA002 Fractured Star Diamond
JNQ2217DIA003   JNQ2217DIA003 8 Colored Diamond
JNQ2217DIA005   JNQ2217DIA005 Moon Star
JNQ2217DIA006   JNQ2217DIA006 Staggering Geese Star
JNQ2217DIA007   JNQ2217DIA007 Ice Crystal Star
JNQ2217DIA010   JNQ2217DIA010 Ribbon Star
JNQ2217DIA011   JNQ2217DIA011 Woven Star
JNQ2217DIA012   JNQ2217DIA012 Shimmering Star
JNQ2217DIA013   JNQ2217DIA013 Razor Star
JNQ2217DIA014   JNQ2217DIA014 Log Cabin Star
JNQ2217DIA017   JNQ2217DIA017 Basket Star
JNQ2217DIA018   JNQ2217DIA018 16 Colored Diamond
JNQ2613DIA001   JNQ2613DIA001 Four Diamond Star
JNQ2613DIA003   JNQ2613DIA003 Windmill Star
JNQ2613DIA008   JNQ2613DIA008 Prairie Star Center
JNQ2613DIA010   JNQ2613DIA010 Lighthouse Diamond
JNQ2613DIA011   JNQ2613DIA011 Circling Geese Star
JNQ2613DIA011DQD   JNQ2613DIA011DQD Circling Geese Star Quilting Pattern
JNQ2613DIA012   JNQ2613DIA012 Five Diamond Star
JNQ2613DIA014   JNQ2613DIA014 Snowflake Star
JNQ3266DIA0011   JNQ3266DIA0011 Garden Diamond Mixer
JNQ3266DIA003   JNQ3266DIA003 Meadow Diamond
JNQ3266DIA006   JNQ3266DIA006 Basket Diamond
JNQ3266DIA007   JNQ3266DIA007 Cactus Diamond
JNQ3266DIA009   JNQ3266DIA009 Agave Diamond
JNQ3266DIA016   JNQ3266DIA016 Feathered Blossom Diamond
SL07   Julie's Purse Pattern
JNQ00274DQD001K001K1K6   K1-K6 Units
JNQ00257P1   Kaleidoscope
JNQ00257R1   Kaleidoscope Replacement Papers
CMD27   Kangaroo Bluff
SL08   Kathleen's Purse Pattern
JNQ00264P8   Kentucky Spirits
JNQ00264R8   Kentucky Spirits Replacement Papers
JNQ134P2   Lakeshore Hosta
JNQ138P4   Lakeshore Hosta Queen
DQD13811612   Lakeshore Hosta Queen Quilting Pattern
JNQ138R4   Lakeshore Hosta Queen Replacement Papers
DQD13411428   Lakeshore Hosta Quilting Pattern
JNQ134P2R   Lakeshore Hosta Replacement Papers
JNQ193P3   Lakeshore Snowfall
JNQ193R3   Lakeshore Snowfall Replacement Papers
JNQ196P   Lakeshore Sunrise
DQD19611389   Lakeshore Sunrise Quilting Pattern
JNQ196E   Lakeshore Sunrise Replacement Papers
DQD13011077   Landscapes Chevron Table Runner Quilting Pattern
JNQ130E-WS   Landscapes Chevron Table Runner Replacement Foundations Papers
JNQ130P   Landscapes Chevron Table Runners
JNQ130P-WS   Landscapes Chevron Table Runners
JNQ130E   Landscapes Chevron Table Runners Replacement Foundation Papers
DQD9711041   Large Corner Feather
DQD8711103   Large Corner Piece
DQD10711067   Large Flame & Large Flame Left Side
DQD10711068   Large Rope Feather
DQD10911082   Large Square
DQD10711071   Large Star
DQD8711101   Large Star Feather
DQD10711069   Large Star Feather 1
DQD10711070   Large Star Feather 2
CMD39   Late September
DQD13551300   LFS Beams
DQD13551302   LFS Border Feather 1
DQD13551303   LFS Border Feather 2
DQD13551304   LFS Border Feather 3
DQD13551299   LFS Corner Feather
DQD13551298   LFS Swirl Feather
DQD13411610   LH Background Feather
DQD13411611   LH Border Feather
DQD13411603   LH Center Feather
DQD13411607   LH Fan Feather
DQD13411604   LH Leaf Feather
DQD13411609   LH Outer Spikes Feather
DQD13411606   LH Ribbon Feather
DQD13411605   LH Spikes Set 1
DQD13411608   LH Spikes Set 2
DQD13811613   LHQ Background Feather 1
DQD13811615   LHQ Background Feather 2
DQD13811617   LHQ Border Feather 1
DQD13811618   LHQ Border Feather 2
DQD13811614   LHQ Geese Feather
DQD13811616   LHQ Spikes Feather
JNQ00249P1   Licorice Rope
JNQ00249R1   Licorice Rope Replacement Papers
JNQ138P2   Lily Pond
DQD13811619   Lily Pond Quilting Pattern
JNQ138R2   Lily Pond Replacement Papers
JNQ177P2   Lincoln Log Cabin
JNQ177R2   Lincoln Log Cabin Replacement Papers
DQD10711072   Long Star Arms
JNQ00278P1   Lotus Flower
TSQLF01   Lotus Flower
JNQ00278P1DQD   Lotus Flower Quilting Pattern
JNQ00278R1   Lotus Flower Replacement Papers
CMD37   Low Tide
DQD13811620   LP Background Feather
DQD13811622   LP Border Feathers
DQD13811621   LP Small Spikes
DQD19611392   LS Background 1
DQD19611393   LS Background 2
DQD19611395   LS Background 3
DQD19611396   LS Background 4
DQD19611390   LS Center and Large Star
DQD19611394   LS Geese
DQD19611391   LS Grid
DQD13551214   Lumina Feathered Star Quilting Pattern
CMD59   Luster
JNQ00268P12   Macaw
JNQ00268P18   Macaw Queen
JNQ00268R18   Macaw Queen Replacement Papers
DQD0026811798   Macaw Quilting Pattern
JNQ00268R12   Macaw Replacement Papers
JNQ189P   Maple Leaf Flurries
JNQ189E   Maple Leaf Flurries Replacement Papers
DQD10711090   Mariner's Compass 2012 Queen Size Quilting Pattern
CMD105   Mariner's Compass Note Cards
DQD10711063   Mariner's Compass Quilting Pattern
JNQ00273P13   Masquerade
JNQ00273R13   Masquerade Replacement Papers
DQD0026811800   MC Border 1
DQD0026811801   MC Border 2
DQD0026811799   MC Star Feather 1
CJNQ028P   Mediterranean Gardens
DQD9611014   Melon Feather 1
DQD12711036   Melon Feather 2
JNQ00242P11   Mermaids Tale
JNQ00242P11-WS   Mermaids Tale
JNQ00242P8   Midnight Safari
JNQ00242R8   Midnight Safari Replacement Papers
JNQ77E   Mini Stars Extra Foundation
JNQ77P   Mini Stars Table Runner Pattern
DQD20111490   Misty Mountain Pond 100" Quilting Pattern
JNQ201P   Misty Mountain Pond 2015
DQD20111397   Misty Mountain Pond Quilting Pattern
JNQ47E   Misty Mountain Queen/King
DQD20111399   MMP Border
DQD20111398   MMP Border Corner
DQD20111400   MMP Center Circle
DQD20111401   MMP Half Circle
DQD20111403   MMP Large Corner
DQD20111402   MMP Three Quarters Circle
DQD20111491   MMP-100 Feather
CJNQ004P   Montana's Native Splendor
JNQ00242P7   Mooncatcher
JNQ00222P4   Moonglow Cactus
JNQ00222P4DQD   Moonglow Cactus Quilting Pattern
JNQ00222R4   Moonglow Cactus Replacement Papers
JNQ00250P2   Moroccan Courtyard
JNQ00250R2   Moroccan Courtyard Replacement Papers
JNQ193D003   Mountain Peak Border
DQD3266DIA11751   MSM Cactus Diamond Center Feather 3
DQD3266DIA11750   MSM Cactus Diamond Center Feathers 1 and 2
DQD00264B00411752   MSM Desert Sun Wall Border Feather 1
DQD00264B00411754   MSM Desert Sun Wall Border Feather 2
DQD00264B00411753   MSM Desert Sun Wall Border Spikes
DQD00242D00711758   MSM Princess Tiara Border Exterior
DQD00242D00711756   MSM Princess Tiara Border Large Feather
DQD00242D00711757   MSM Princess Tiara Border Small Spikes
DQD00242D00711755   MSM Princess Tiara Border Spike Feathers
JNQ109P   My Two Baby Sisters
JNQ00235P1   My Two Baby Sisters Placemats
JNQ00235R1   My Two Baby Sisters Placemats Replacement Papers
DQD10911080   My Two Baby Sisters Quilting Pattern
JNQ00269P7   Mysterious Courtyard
JNQ00269P7DQD   Mysterious Courtyard Quilting Pattern
JNQ00269R7   Mysterious Courtyard Replacement Papers
NT2014   Needle Travel Fiber and Fabric Mania: A Travel Guide
NT2015   Needle Travel Fiber and Fabric Mania: A Travel Guide
CMD18   Night and Day
NABP01   North American Bear Paw
JNQ193C001   North Star Border
DQD8711102   NY Beauty Feathers
JNQ00275R12   Ombre Table Runner & Placemats Replacement Papers
JNQ00275P12   Ombre Table Runner & Placemats
DQD11721114   ON Bowtie
DQD11721115   ON Half Moon
DQD11721116   ON Partial Bowtie
DQD11721117   ON Quarter Circle
DQD11721118   ON Triangle 1
DQD11721119   ON Triangle 2
JNQ156E   One ~ Leaf Series Replacement Papers
DQD9611013   One Half Square
JNQ156P   One: Leaf Series
JNQ117P   Osprey's Nest Log Cabin
JNQ117Q   Osprey's Nest Log Cabin Extra Foundation Papers - Queen Size
JNQ117Q-WS   Osprey's Nest Log Cabin Extra Foundation Papers - Queen Size
DQD11721113   Osprey's Nest Log Cabin Quilting Pattern
JNQ177P   Osprey's Nest: At the Lake Cabin
JNQ177Q   Osprey's Nest: At the Lake Cabin Queen Size Replacement Papers
JNQ177E   Osprey's Nest: At the Lake Cabin Replacement Papers
CMD13   Out of Line Bed Runner
CMD26   Outback Trails
DQD13011079   Outer Feather
DQD10711073   Outer Quarter Circle

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