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Quiltworx is Now Partnering with Honest Fabric

We've created ready-to-quilt fabric panels that have all the beauty of Judy's paper pieced designs, but none of the piecing! Why would we do that? We know how passionate Judy addicts are about paper piecing...we are too! But, we also realize that there are many quilters out there who have more of a passion for quilting than paper piecing. For those quilters, these quilt top fabric panels are the best of both worlds!

Spend more time quilting: There are many makers in the quilting industry that simply enjoy the process of quilting much more than the process of piecing. While those avid, passionate piecers still exist, Honest Fabric is providing a product for those of us who would prefer to spend more time quilting than we get to now.

A Learning Tool for Quilters: Many of their custom printed quilt tops are reproduction designs of patterns that were originally created to be pieced. THIS IS AWESOME! This is a great way for quilters to get their feet wet with quilting, while eliminating the worry of ruining a beautifully pieced quilt top with their beginner level free-motion quilting. These quilters can rest easily knowing that if their quilting is not as great as they want it to be, they will be able to at least take comfort in knowing that they didn’t also lose TONS OF TIME piecing a quilt top. On the other side of the coin, if a quilter uses their custom printed quilt top as practice, and it turns out even better than they expected, then they have the added bonus of a finished quilt that also has a beautiful top to it, opposed to a plain piece of fabric.

High-Quality, Color-Fast and Long-Lasting: The technology of printing with ink on fabric has come SO FAR! Gone are the days of “gross polyesters that Uncle Disco used to wear”! Honest Fabric prints their custom quilt tops with the highest quality polyester. Every piece is completely washing machine safe, will not bleed, and will not unjustly fade. The fabric is soft to begin with, and only gets softer and more buttery with each washing, without compromising the rich, vibrant colors.

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Blooming Lily Grapes - Grey - 51" x 60"
Our Price: $80.00
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Blooming Lily Grapes - Grey - 51" x 60"
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